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MO Financial, Inc.

MO Financial, Inc (MFI) was incorporated in 2003, in the state of California to conduct business in real estate finance. The business purpose has been the same for over twenty years – to serve the finance needs of real estate professionals and businesspeople with a need for capital. Jeffrey L. Donovan, has continually been the sole owner of the corporation since 2003.

Business Focus of MFI

The original business focus of MO Financial was a mortgage brokerage company that was partnered with the wholesale division of mortgage banks and used these relationships to broker bank loans for residential 1- 4 units and small commercial loans. The focus of the business, over the last fifteen years, has transitioned from brokering bank loans to funding custom credit private money loans.  We provide financing to real estate professionals and businesspersons who are borrowing money for a variety of purposes including:

Construction Lending

MFI is an active construction lender and has a superior loan structure that makes the construction draw process simple for both the lender and borrower. MFI does not hire third parties to inspect the properties during construction or review draw requests. All inspections and draw requests are done in house, and without fees. We are highly familiar with the entitlement, permitting, and construction phases of property redevelopment. We have been working with some real estate developers for over twenty years providing construction financing. 

Acquisition Financing

We provide Acquisition financing for a variety of purposes, including adding value through an extensive remodel or the redevelopment of the property that may require entitlement work. There are many reasons why borrowers will request private money, such as quick closing, condition of the property, high LTV, cross-collateral custom credit bridge lending and more. 

Secured Lending to Finance Businesses

We will look at loan requests from borrowers to fund ongoing business operations including construction, partner buyouts, increasing liquidity for working capital, and use of proceeds to acquire business.  

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