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Below are our basic lending parameters, however, we are flexible.  If something makes sense to us, we will entertain the loan request.

The Difference

The difference between MO Financial and its competitors



MO Financial has continually been in the mortgage business for over twenty years funding mortgage loans. We have never taken a break, or suspended our lending activities, even in the depths of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. We have funded loans every single month, every year since 2003.


Quick Decision Making

The benefit of working with MO Financial is you do not need to fill out a loan application and wait to hear back from a loan officer who needs to run the loan request by his boss or an underwriter. You will work directly with Jeff, the originator, underwriter, and decision maker.


Creative Lending Solutions

We are open to creative strategies to fund your loan reqeust. We can create highly custom solutions to make the loan happen for you, including cross-collateral loans, loans that have partial release clauses, using property that has title issues and many more challenging issues. The more challenging the better, if the loan makes sense.

Have questions? Get in touch!